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Vapor barrier Bubble Insulation Click rate: Release time:2021-09-06 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

Thermal insulation bubble film is a new type of environmental protection heat insulation material, soft, light, odorless, non-toxic, by special equipment composite. The surface is composite with aluminum foil, and the bubbles in the middle layer are neatly arranged. The bubbles can be divided into three kinds: large, medium and small, and the structure is divided into two kinds: single and double layers. Bubble material can be added to a variety of colors or fire retardant material. The outer protective layer can be colored or combined with various colors of polyethylene.

Heat insulation bubble film can be installed on the roof, wall or floor, to the building and the outside more than 90% of the thermal energy barrier effect, protect the wall, resist the rapid rise and fall of temperature and other effects.

The emergence of heat insulation bubble film not only solves the previous glass fiber and foaming materials to bring discomfort and harm to the environment, but also can prevent through iron sheet, concrete, wood and ordinary heat insulation materials and enter the room uv. Through the combination of aluminum foil material reflective, thermal characteristics and polyethylene material, so that it not only has good insulation, thermal reflection, heat insulation, anti-radiation function, but also through the characteristics of the material in the housing construction application can play a very good moisture-proof, heat preservation, energy saving role.

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